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DOOR DETAILS :: All doors are made to order, for help please click links on left ::

Required Info ( * )
* Reference Number(s):
* Door Type:
Carving Location:
* Size of one (1) slab in Inches:
Size of one slab in Centimeters:
Size of rough opening in wall:
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* Frame:
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* Shipping Method:

Important: Insurance & Shipping cost for one pre-hung door (US standard size
                    and thickness) by sea $600.00 USD only!




Project Turn-Around Time

q Door Manufacturing/Carving:....90 days
q Shipping & Delivery:...............30 days
q Total Delivery Time:..............120 days


US Customs and Department of Homeland Security,
effective 13-Aug-2004 is to check random containers
for weapons, explosives and biological agents. The
above procedure may delay shipment delivery for
1-2 weeks. To admit your shipment into US all fields
below are required...
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Every door we design and make is by order only. This is an original
and authentic product. It is genuine and the only one made by The-Wood
Studio. It is not a replica, a rebuild or repair; it has been newly built
by skilled artisan. No two doors are identical, thus making each one of
a kind. Only authentic hand carving is performed, no routers or machine
tools of any type are used.

Certificate of Authenticity


Certificate of Authenticity


Our studio adds the benefits of modern management to the ancient
traditions of Thai craftsmanship to bring you the best in quality and value.

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The-Wood Studio 2-Years Limited Warranty

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Each door is custom made. Prices are determined by size,
design and current cost of the Burmese teak. Single doors
start at $5,000.00 USD. Double doors start at $7,500.00
USD per set. If you have a budget in mind, we can design
the door to fit.

US Standard Door Size

q Double Door: 160 X 200 X 3.5 centimeters (63" X 78.74" X 1.378")
q Single Door: 80 X 200 X 3.5 centimeters (31.5" X 78.74" X 1.378")

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q We accept payments by wire transfer (TT)
q 50% due upon acceptance of design and commissioning of the project
q Balance is due upon completion of the project, prior to shipment
q US, Canadian and European references available

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SHIPPING COST for One (1) Standard Size Pre-Hung Door Unit
Thailand Land 1 week $350.00
US/Europe Sea-Freight 6 weeks $600.00
US/Europe Door-to-Door 8 weeks $1,250.00
US/Europe Air-Freight 1 week $1,950.00

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All items are shipped to the major city near you. For example if you live
in Colorado Springs, Colorado we will ship your goods to Denver. It is much
less expensive when you pick up the shipment yourself at the "State Docks"
in Denver. However we can arrange for delivery directly to your home, but this
service may be costly.

q Shipping by Sea: US or Europe 4 to 6 weeks (Standard)
q Shipping by Air: Available on request
q Shipping Door-to-Door: Available on request
q Insurance: All goods are insured 100% (Standard)

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Door Finishing (69 KB)

(1)   12-Step PermaLane II® Finish System
(2)   Penetrating wiping stain sets the color
(3)   Three Separate coats of alkyd moisture seal with fine
sanding between coats
(4)   Two coats of imported from Germany ‘Bayer Brand’
catalyzed Poly-Urethane with ultraviolet absorbers.
Light sanding between coats.
(5)   Stain brightener applied
(6)   Detailed hand rubbed to smooth satin finish

In Swing Door: a door that opens inside or towards the inside
of a home, building or room.

Out Swing Door: a door that opens away from the inside of
a home, outside a building or room.
Door Direction Double Door Orientation Single Door Orientation  
Right Hand Door: a door that opens on or to the right. A door
that opens on or towards the side of your body that is to the
east when you are facing north.

Left Hand Door: a door that opens on or to the left. A door that
opens on or towards the side of your body that is to the west
when you are facing north.
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Chiang Mai 50100 Thailand
Phone +66 94-545-9163
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