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Maintaining Your Teak Door

You may be required to perform periodic maintenance, which is not part of The-WoodŽ Studio warranty. Maintenance may be required at any time and may include (but is not limited to) maintaining the exterior finish or paint of wood products, trimming swollen wood products, and periodic hardware oiling or polishing. Required maintenance may vary depending upon environmental conditions in your area and overhang protection provided.

Finish Maintenance

While the finish on your The-WoodŽ Studio door is the finest available, periodic maintenance is required to optimize the life and beauty of your door. Finish life varies, and the amount of moisture, direct sunlight and accumulation of dust or soil all affect the finish. In severe weather exposure, finish life may be about a year. For homes with entries protected from sun and moisture, finishes may last many years. Fortunately, you can ascertain if the finish should be restored just by looking at it. Evidence of dulling, a "dry" feeling, raised grain and minor surface checks are all signs that a finish restoration is needed. A whitish cast to the final finish, particularly on doors subject to sun and moisture, is also a sign for finish restoration. Additionally, dark streaks starting at the bottom of the panels are a sign that moisture is being drawn up into the wood. Occasionally inspect your doors for any of these conditions. If any of them appear, it is important to restore the finish immediately.

To properly restore the finish, please follow these steps carefully:

  1. Lightly sand, and then wipe away dust with a clean cloth, slightly dampened with mineral spirits.
  2. Apply at least two coats of fade-resistant exterior polyurethane with an ultraviolet inhibitor. Sand lightly between coats.
  3. Finish all six sides of the door.

Factory and non-factory finishes must be maintained to preserve the warranty. If the finish is not maintained, it will begin to fail, and your door may require a complete refinishing. Failure to maintain the finish will void the The-WoodŽ Studio warranty.


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Updated 10-Feb-2005

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