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The-Wood® Studio presents custom antique doors, antique wood doors, solid-wood doors, antique wooden doors, carved antique doors, design doors, antique double doors and exterior doors. We also offer unique style and one of the kind antique doors from Burma and Thailand. Doorways below are in excellent condition. The wood is mostly 4" thick. We present antique unfinished doors, arched door, antique Asian doors, sculpted antique doors, architectural door, artistic door, oversize antique doors, classic door, quality door, specialty door, Victorian door, hand-crafted door, Chinese door and art doors..

Carved Teak Door Thai Antique Door Antique Wood Door
Size: 37½" X 105" X 3½" Size: 18" X 85" X 4" Size: 32" X 78" X 2"
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Teak Antique Door Double Antique Door Solid Wood Door
Size: 18" X 72" X 4" Size: 18" X 72" X 4" Size: 18" X 71½" X 4"
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Current Projects: throughout the entire process of production, carving, packing, and shipping of your order we provide progress updates in the form of photos of the work being done available on-line 7/24 Current Projects!

The-Wood(R) Collection consists of authentic masterpieces from various places around Thailand and eastern Burma. All items are made in solid old teak. We make doors to customer's design. All you need to provide is a picture or a drawing and we take care of the rest. We manufacture French door specialty door Asian door luxury door entrance door wooden door hard wood door Islamic door glass door Chinese door arch door African door garage door entry door Mexican door front door American door interior door Moroccan door Arabic door double door and much more...

Antique: The term has been used collectively to designate classical Greek and Roman works of art, particularly sculptures; as an adjective to indicate an object, a period, or a style of ancient or early times; and as a noun, for objects of art, furniture, rugs, pottery, metalwork, costumes, jewelry, and household goods of early production and for old artifacts generally. The demand and prices paid for antiques have led to the widespread making of reproductions and reconstructions, some with spurious marks of age. See antique collecting . For a description of the characteristics of various styles, see Directoire, Empire, Louis period and régence styles.

Wood Carving: as an art form, includes any kind of sculpture in wood, from the decorative bas-relief on small objects to life-size figures in the round, furniture, and architectural decorations. The woods used vary greatly in hardness and grain. The most commonly employed woods include boxwood, pine, pear, walnut, willow, oak, and ebony. The tools are simple gouges, chisels, wooden mallets, and pointed instruments. Although they were universally one of the earliest art media, wood carvings have withstood poorly the vicissitudes of time and climate. A few ancient examples have been preserved in the dry climate of Egypt, e.g., the wooden statue of Sheik-el-Beled (Cairo) from the Old Kingdom.

The carving of wooden masks and statuettes was common to the African tribes (see African art ), and totem poles were used for the basic religious rites of the tribes of the Northwest Coast of America (see North American Native art ). The wooden objects of Oceania include animated designs, incised and in relief, on canoes and large standing figures (see Oceanic art ). In Japan and China wooden carvings have long been used to decorate temples and private dwellings (see Chinese architecture ; Japanese architecture. The Muslim countries of North Africa abound in intricate architectural carvings.

In Europe wood carving was highly developed in Scandinavia, and examples have been preserved of 10th- and 11th-century work. In England the Gothic period produced extremely fine carving, especially on choir stalls and rood screens. Although the Puritans destroyed much of this, enough has been preserved to show its beautiful workmanship. In France wood carving was also a part of religious art, and there the carved altarpieces were especially notable. Italian wood carving flourished during the Gothic period in Pisa, Siena, and Florence, as well as in the southern monasteries; during the Renaissance it remained an adjunct of Italian artistic development.

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