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The-Wood® Studio is Thailand's designer and door manufacturer, door factory, door studio, door plant, door shop, door designer, door workshop, door gallery, door yard, door millwork, door store, door warehouse, door exporter, door retailer, door architect and door builder. We manufacture custom doors and made to order front entryways. We build unfinished, pre-finished and finished doors with and without frames.

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Dan / Oakland Christie / Florida Lesley / Atlanta
California USA United States Georgia USA




Double Interior Door

Round Top Exterior Door

Single Exterior Door

French Carving Design French Carving Design

French Carving Design

Michael / Butte Bryan / Chicago David / Milwaukee
Montana USA Illinois USA Wisconsin USA
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Double Exterior Door Double Arched Door Double Exterior Door
Custom Carving Design Asian Carving Design French Carving Design

Toby / Bangkok Monty / Seattle Nittaya / Chiang Mai
Thailand Washington State USA Thailand
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Four (4) Teak Doors Double Arched Door Custom Arched Door
Classic Carving Design Asian Carving Design Grape Carving Design

Arlette / Baltimore Darrin / Pasadena Shai / Des Moines
Maryland State USA California USA Iowa, United States
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Arched Oversize Door Custom Door and Gate Round Top Door
French Carving Design Garage Wood Door Exterior Double Door

Veronica & Olivier Ron / Seattle Michael / Orlando
Toronto, Canada Washington, USA Florida United States
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Custom Wood Door Exterior Radius Door Oversize Wood Door
Middle-East Design Custom Carving Design Double Door

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Custom Work: we make doors to customer's design. All you need to provide is a picture or a drawing and we take care of the rest..

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