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Custom Wood Double Doors with Carving
Artistic Front Carved Teak Doors Oversize

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The-Wood?? Studio makes carved wood doors in any size, color, shape and design with and without frames. We specialize in manufacturing of superior quality teak doors, oversize doors, artistic doors and front doors with carving. High resolution images of our products are available on PicasaWeb On customer's request we make pre-hung units. Each door we build is made to order, 100% hand carved and one-of-a-kind. See our new videos on YouTube please...

Door Price: Each door we build is custom made. Price is determined by size, design, complexity and detail of carving as all work is done by hand. Door price also reflects current and high cost of the Burmese teak. Single standard size doors start at $5,000.00 USD. Double doors start at $7,500.00 USD per set. If those numbers are in your budget we'll be happy to prepare quotation for you.
The-Wood® is Thailand's only door designer, manufacturer and exporter which quality match US, Canadian and European standards. We provide extraordinary craftsmanship and design while utilizing finest woods in the construction of exceptional high quality custom doors. We build doors entirely in solid woods and we prefer to involve the client in the design process. We’re happy to build one door only or the entire home full of doors. Your door is the "calling card" to your home. It should say who you are and Welcome. Area Served: We ship our doors throughout the world!
Certificate of Authenticity Every door we design and make is by order only. This is an original and authentic product. It is genuine and the only one made by our studio. It is not a replica, a rebuild or repair; it has been newly built by skilled artisan. No two doors are identical, thus making each one of a kind. Only authentic hand carving is performed, no routers or machine tools of any type are used. Our studio adds the benefits of modern management to the ancient traditions of Thai craftsmanship to bring you the best in quality and value.

Certificate of Authenticity Every door we design and make is by order only. This is an original and authentic product. It is genuine and the only one made by our studio. It is not a replica, a rebuild or repair; it has been newly built by skilled artisan. No two doors are identical, thus making each one of a kind. Only authentic hand carving is performed, no routers or machine tools of any type are used. Our studio adds the benefits of modern management to the ancient traditions of Thai craftsmanship to bring you the best in quality and value.

The-Wood?? Studio is a wood door manufacturer, designer and exporter. We make wood doors, frames, wood trims, thresholds, wood jambs, sidelights, wood transoms, lintels, casing and wood panels in solid Burmese teak. We offer exterior wood doors, interior doors, solid wood garage doors, front entry doors, carved entrance doors and art glass French doors. We also make traditional rustic doors, arched Gothic doors, patio glass doors, antique style doors, raised panel and architectural doors with wide selection of stained glass and custom carving designs.




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Our doors :: are meticulously handcrafted to provide timeless elegance and enduring beauty. Create your own entryway and let your imagination run free. Select a door style that expresses your individual taste, choose a fine carving; decide which glass and wood stain best suit your home, then let WoodLtd?? bring your vision to life. Our doors will enhance your home with extraordinary craftsmanship. All doors are manufactured by WoodLtd?? Studio Thailand. Our doors are build exclusively in solid tropical woods such as genuine Burmese teak and taengwood, no veneers. Stiles and rails to be mortise and tenon construction and glued with exterior Type-1 waterproof glue. All panels to be end-sealed before assembly. Edge glued door/window members to be v-grooved and permanently bonded with waterproof exterior Type-1-glue. Molding around all lites and panels on doors specified as such by WoodLtd?? Studio.

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Buddhist Temple Certificate of Authenticity The-Wood?? Studio

Gothic Door: Doors in Gothic houses were usually unglazed. In the most strongly Gothic houses, doors were ledged, with vertical planks or planks in a herringbone pattern. Oak was a prized wood. After 1860 it was more common to see glazed and leaded front doors. Typical colours used for painted front doors of pine or deal were dark blue, chocolate brown (favoured by Eastlake), deep red, or else olive green. Graining was also used. A key feature of the front door was a set of ornamental fittings, ideally in wrought iron. Regular door-to-door postal deliveries began in 1840 and the small letter-plate was introduced. Larger items were received by a maid or other domestic servant. The other furniture was a knocker and a pull to help to close the door. Internal Gothic doors might have been ledged, or else were panelled. As with the front door, those of better quality wood were polished, while those of pine and deal were either grained or painted. They were fitted with finger plates of iron or else brass.

Door :: is a generally floor-length opening in a wall (or other partition), often equipped with a hinged or sliding panel which can be moved to leave the opening accessible, or to close it more or less securely. Doors are nearly universal in structures of all kinds (especially houses and other buildings), allowing passage between inside and outside, or among internal rooms. Doors are also found in vehicles, cupboards, cages, etc. The purpose of a door opening is to allow people, animals and objects to pass and for ventilation. Doors and doorways can also appear in metaphorical or mystical situations; for example, a spiritualist might speak of "opening a door to the other world". Doors can have ritual purposes (one example concerns the doorkeeping duties of the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod). The term door can refer either to the opening or to the movable panel which closes it. The term doorway can be used to refer specifically to the opening. When framed in wood for snug fitting of a door, the doorway consists of two vertical jambs on either side, a lintel or head jamb at the top, and perhaps a threshold at the bottom.

Wood :: botanically, the xylem tissue that forms the bulk of the stem of a woody plant. Xylem conducts sap upward from the roots to the leaves, stores food in the form of complex carbohydrates, and provides support; it is made up of various types of cells specialized for each of these purposes. Among them are tracheids, elongated conduction and support cells; parenchyma (food storage) cells, some of which form rays for transverse conduction; xylem vessels, formed of hollow cells joined end to end; and fiber cells that reinforce these tubes. In the conifers the xylem is made up mainly of tracheids, thus presenting a uniform, nonporous appearance; their wood is called softwood. Deciduous trees have more complex xylem, permeated by vessels, and are called hardwoods, although the description is sometimes inaccurate.  The xylem is formed in the growing season by the cambium ; in temperate regions the cells formed in the spring are larger in diameter than those formed in the summer, and this results in the annual rings observable in cross section. The new cells lose their protoplasm as they form the various tissues; the older, nonfunctional cells become plugged up, darken in color, and often accumulate bitter or poisonous substances (tannins, dyes, resins, and gums). This inner wood (the heartwood, as opposed to the functional sapwood) is valued for outdoor construction because of its resistance to moisture and to decay-producing organisms. Commercial Uses: Freshly cut wood contains much moisture and tends to warp and split as it dries. Lumber is therefore seasoned before use???dried either slowly in the sun and air or more quickly by artificial means (kiln drying). Seasoning increases wood's buoyancy, strength, elasticity, and durability. Although synthetic materials have supplanted wood in many of its former uses, it is still widely employed for furniture, floors, railway ties, paper manufacture, and innumerable other purposes. Wood distillation yields methyl alcohol, wood tar, acetic acid, acetone, and turpentine; charcoal is made by burning or heating wood in insufficient air to consume it. The wood of different species of trees varies considerably in weight, strength, and appearance. Softwood is normally uniform in grain (texture) and color; hardwood, in which the rays are more prominent and the arrangement of tissues is variable, produces lumber in which the grain may run vertically or horizontally and be coarse or smooth. The manner in which a log is cut results in lumber with thin or wide ray markings. A log cut horizontally shows the concentric annual rings; lengthwise cuts through the center are marked by thin vertical ray lines; and lengthwise cuts through the outer sections show the wood's characteristic wavy grain and wider ray markings, prized for their beauty. The rarer decorative woods may be cut in thin layers and glued to other wood structures (see veneer ). Plywood, made of thin layers of wood glued so that the grains alternate in direction, makes an especially strong construction material. For some applications composition board offers another inexpensive substitute. Pressure-treated wood is lumber that has had a preservative forced into it under pressure.

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Carving :: we offer over 4,000 spectacular carving designs. We carve names, initials, company logos, monograms, flowers, coat of arms, humans, animals and much more...

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